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Top Tips on How to Efficiently Solve the Gap Problem Around Your Cooker | DIY Plumbing Solutions

Top Tips on How to Efficiently Solve the Gap Problem Around Your Cooker | DIY Plumbing Solutions


9th June 2024

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When you’re in your kitchen, it’s the small things that can often be the most frustrating. One such annoyance is dealing with a gap around your cooker. This small crevice between your stove and adjacent countertops can be a source of many inconveniences. From food crumbs slipping in to lost utensils – It's peskiness knows no bounds! Fear not kitchen warriors, as I bring you the ultimate guide to solve this problem. Here are **the top tips on how to efficiently fix the gap around your cooker**.

**1. Use a Silicone Gap Cover**

The most straightforward and cost-effective solution, a kitchen silicone gap cover is designed specifically for these cooker gaps. These covers are made from high-quality heat resistant silicone and can stand temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius/ 446 degrees Fahrenheit. They're easy to clean and maintain, and can be cut to size to fit your gap perfectly.

**2. Kitchen Gap Filler**

Kitchen gap filler is an excellent tool that gives a finished look to your kitchen by practically and aesthetically bridging the gap. These typically come as plastic or stainless-steel strips that can be easily installed. 

**3. Install a Countertop Extension**

A counter-top extension is a slightly more involved solution, but it can not only cover the gap but also add valuable extra workspace to your kitchen. Be sure to match the material and colour to your existing countertops for a seamless look.

**4. Custom-made Infill Strips**

For a bespoke solution, you can order custom-made infill strips. These narrow strips made from the same material as your countertop can precisely fit the gap.

**5. Make a DIY Gap Cover**

If you’re the crafty sort, consider making your own gap cover. Materials like wooden dowels or clear plastic tubing can do the trick. Remember, the goal is to fill the gap securely, so the cover does not move or slip into the gap.

Doing it yourself not only saves money but also adds a touch of personality to your space. By carefully selecting the best option for your kitchen, you can once and for all solve the annoying gap problem around your cooker. Following these solutions will give you an easy, quick and long-lasting solution for this common household issue. Whether you're an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner home improver, taking some time to fix this detail in your kitchen will make a significant improvement in your daily life.

So next time when a pesky pea or a daring doughnut roll threaten to slide into the abyss next to your cooker, you can confidently say, "Not today, my friend. Not today."

Remember, patience pays when it comes to DIY kitchen fixes. The smallest steps taken to adjust or repair can make the most significant differences, turning frustrating problems into **the best DIY victories**. Happy fixing!

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